Hello world

It’s a well known fact that starting something is always the hardest part. You are so excited and have so many expectations but you don’t know how to get there. Well, rest assured that’s just how I feel right now. Day 1 of what I hope is a fabulously fun, long, inspiring and eye opening adventure that will hopefully span many countries through hundreds of stories. For now I am just another “boring” Melbournian, but rest assured I am headed on an international adventure before the year’s resolution And I have many exciting past stories to tell you in the meantime.

Now, before I wrap up this shaky greeting I would just like to elaborate on the questionable trawlingtraveller which it seems I’ve indefinitely committed myself to. In my very brief brainstorming session I googled the verb trawl and in response received this ‘to search through in order to find someone or something’ and thus my search abruptly ended as I had stumbled upon exactly what I was after, a verb almost too perfect for describing what I’m trying to achieve with these posts and my upcoming travel adventures. All too cliché-ed, but all too true, I aim to find myself and make myself useful – while I have the opportunity to do so at least.

So yes, if you would like to read on, please do; I would love that. I hope that you too can learn something from the upcoming trawling, wherever life decides to take me.

One thought on “Hello world

  1. Hi,

    I’m glad to have found your blog. I read several articles on your blog and I think it is very useful for the tourists.

    Let me introduce myself, My name is Sam Wong, a HongKonger who love travel. Two months ago, I had created a travel site which aims to connect the bloggers and the tourists. Bloggers can share the link of their articles about an interesting place and let tourists find the useful travel articles more easily. I know you love travel and write a lots of articles about travel, so I would like to invite you to join us and share your articles and photos, let more tourists can know more about your story. Imagine that each bloggers share one interesting place, then we can build a great travel guide! Look for your reply, hope you all the best =)


    Sam Wong


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