Tromsø lights and puppies

Although we were sad to be leaving our favourite city yet (this had nothing to do with Oslo being the first city on our adventure…), we knew we would have even more exciting adventures in store for us over the next couple of days 2 hours north in Tromsø.

However, our next adventure did not get off to a good start. We were late to crawl out of bed at 6:30am, then I realised I almost left my passport in the bottom my backpack, thus taking up another 10 minutes to scramble it out and re-pack (note to self and others, do not bring a top packing backpacker ever again), then we got lost as usual on our way back the Oslo Central Train Station in the darkness, then due to the recent snow the train tracks had iced over and were delaying the trains to the airport so we sat on the train 5 minutes from the airport for over 15 minutes, then my friend’s train ticket would scan her out of the barriers, and thus… we missed check in for our flight.

So, now what? We had two options, being only 5 minutes late to check-in, we had the option to a) leave all our bags in secure lockers at Oslo airport for 5 days and pick them up when we came back on our way to Berlin, however, this meant we could would have to live in the clothes on our back with only a tiny backpack to share in the coldest temperatures that we would experience all trip, until we returned. Well we picked option b) miss the flight and book the next available one into Tromsø. We were lucky it was only a morning flight that we’d missed given we had a tour booked for that night and could catch a different afternoon flight. But this did mean that we were both about $300 poorer and we still had 5 days in the most expensive country we’d ever been to.

So after 5 hours of sitting around the airport and a $6 bottle of Pepsi-Max and $3 banana later, we could finally get on a plane and continue the journey.


And boy was it worth it.

Just beautiful

Although we were well aware we had a magnificent North Lights and Dogsledding tour ahead, nothing could prepare us for the beauties that lay ahead in Tromsø, all thanks to the incredible Tromsø Villmarkssenter tour company! And rest assured I am not one for shameless marketing but this company was incredible and was worth every penny we spent and more!!

Unfortunately, the North Lights were nothing more than awfully unimpressive. As dawn approached the guides explained the previous week’s magnificence, gorgeous lights night after night. However, for us it was not to be. Fog clouded the lights over, and although we tried to convince ourselves that there was something there, I think it was my eyes trying to assure me that I didn’t miss my one chance to see this incredible wonder. Regardless, the Aurora Camp sleepover was an interesting experience in itself, and the morning’s dogsledding was the most incredible experience of my life (and I haven’t had the blandest upbringing I promise).


I managed to crash our sled as I tried to tackle a jump that was slightly too big for my amateur skills, but the sunrise was unforgettably beautiful and the adrenaline was pumping.


I will never forget the days we spent in Tromsø. The four hours of daylight 10am-2pm, the $25 (AUD) Hungry Jack’s meals, the complete lack of nightlife, and the beautiful mountains and surroundings that were truly unforgettable. Please if you are ever in the country even with a few days to spare, bring it upon yourself to venture up north, I promise you will not regret it.

Tromso you beauty

Thank you Tromsø, thank you.

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