Prague you beauty

Next in line was Prague. It must now be noted that from here was when the real backpacking began. The day before departing Berlin we trekked out to the Eurolines NOT Eurail office and purchased a bus pass for the next 30 days. Significantly cheaper (265€) than a train pass with many more options for travel we couldn’t go past it. However, at this point in time we were unaware that it was an international bus company which meant that every trip had to be from one country to another not within a country and that only certain routes could be taken and only on certain days. This aside I still think it was the correct choice with our limited budget and the many cities we wanted to visit in the coming month. Also just a pre-warning for anyone who may consider taking this option: many international bus depots are relatively far out of the major cities so expect to have to take a train ride or two into the city to your hostel.

So, yes, we left Berlin after a whirlwind of history lessons, underground public crawls and km’s of walking and headed to the Czech Republic.  

Prague was one of my favourite cities. It was easily accessible- most likely encouraged after the difficult time in Berlin, gorgeously historic and CHEAP. Make sure you avoid currency converters straight off the street- this is one of the many cities that refuses to transition to the Euro- but otherwise you will be fed, drunk and with a new wardrobe for the fraction of the price of Scandinavia and even many other European countries.

We did another Free Sandeman’s Walking Tour here, however, this one wasn’t nowhere near the calibre of Berlin and they encouraged you to buy lunch from a partnered restaurant which was hardly authentic and kind of ruined the whole experience; plus the whole thing dragged on a bit too long so we parted ways with it before it had finished up and did our own exploring. After a shopping trip to Zara and some delicious Trdelnik in hand we crossed the Charles Bridge and headed to the Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral. Both must-sees.  

Although incredibly underwhelming, the Prague Astronomical Clock in Old Town Square is also a must just to say you’ve seen- but make sure you visit on the hour to see the “special” display that hundreds of people mill around for. It is also here that we met some people running the Prague Clock Tower Bar Crawl – I did do some hunting around for the best price and I would highly recommend this group for an unforgettable night (unless you take too much advantage of the unlimited absinthe) and all the girls get a free t-shirt 

  We stayed in Hostel Centre for a cracking 4€ per night, nothing flash but fine- we were in a 6 bed mixed dorm and only had one other person for one night sharing our room across the 3 days; and it wasn’t too far from the main Prague New Town strip.

At the end of our 3 days in this beautiful city, I had absolutely zero complaints, except for the hangover-my one piece of advice, don’t go pub crawling on your last night anywhere when you have to catch a 4 hour bus ride early the next morning.


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