Asia I’m coming for you!

Both excitement and also slight discomfort pour over me when I come to the think that at this time in 3 weeks I will be on a plane and on an adventure far far away from the comfortable and peaceful sanctuary of home cooked meals, a car, a job and many friends all easily accessible on tap. But this trip has been months in the making and the endless days of hard work going hour upon hour, from job to job, will not be forgotten but used as a catalyst in the creation of the most incredible lifelong memories that I will treasure forever. I hope to use this blog as a platform for sharing these stories as I go but also a reminder of the unforgettable places I visit, people I meet and pictures I take.

I will start in Laos by myself for just over a week, then to Vietnam where I’ll meet up with a friend, then the solo adventures continue over in Nepal for a spot of trekking in peak season, before down to india for a North India tour with gecko adventures and onwards to South India for a university subject at the rural village of Jamkhed before back to Cambodia for some volunteering and then finally a month a bit of who knows what!

I cannot wait to see what the next 4 months of adventuring has in store for me and those that I will come across along the way. I cannot wait to share in incredible cultures that we get only the slightest taste for in Australia, if there’s one I thing I love it is food and when it’s insanely delicious and cheap as chips, well I’m there.

Asia, I’m coming for you and I absolutely cannot wait.

5 thoughts on “Asia I’m coming for you!

      1. Yeah we tried the Annapurna circuit (too much snow) and then did ABC. Met a few people heading to EBC in Thamel though, if you need some trekking buddies I’m sure you’ll find some there!


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